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Local Business’s Rapid Rise to Multiple Page 1 Rankings

How would it affect your business if you were able to rank on page 1 of google in your local areas for the exact products or services you want to sell the most of? That’s what happened to this local Long Beach business who went from being almost invisible online to dominating their local rankings. Let’s take a look at how they achieved this.

multiple page 1 ranking on google

From Nowhere to Everywhere

When we say that they are now dominating their local rankings, we’re not just being dramatic. When we did an initial free audit for this business looking at how they ranked for their key services in their local neighborhoods, they were invisible in pretty much all but two of them. Most of their services were also highly competitive in these locations.

The Key Strategies Employed

The game plan for this business focused on a few key strategies that any business can replicate:

Understanding What Google Wants to Get Results

People can often get into a frenzy about Google’s algorithm and updates to it and how they affect rankings. They waste time and energy on little things that don’t move the needle (and they often change with each update) instead of focusing on what Google wants the most – quality content and trustworthy sites providing it.

From Obscurity to Omnipresence -The 90 Day Journey

The transformation didn’t happen overnight. It was the result of a clear and well-researched plan that was executed consistently over time. Their website was optimized, the high quality content was planned and written and tailored to target the community they serve.

Progress Breakdown

We executed an initial four Content Catalyst campaigns. The first two were 2 weeks apart with the thirds and fourth ones coming a month apart. Each campaign built on the previous one and over the weeks they started to gain more and more traction in the local search results for their core services.

Tracking The Data

As well as clearly visible improvements in the search results, the campaigns also had  significant SEO results for the business. The showed increases in domain authority, organic keyword rankings as well as organic traffic. They also naturally acquired 49 backlinks over the course of the campaigns. To put that in perspective, a lot of businesses pay anything from $100 to $500 or more for a single backlink such is their importance for SEO.

Overall visibility comparison before and after campaigns:

Organic Keyword trend:

Acquired backlinks trend:

Organic Traffic Trend:

Why This Strategy Works

Focused Keyword Strategy

What your customers search for when looking for the services that you offer are what you need to be found for. We used specific, localized keywords that people in Long Beach use when searching for this company’s services.

On-Page Optimization

Having your site structure and web pages optimized is critical before starting any SEO or content campaign. If your site is not structured correctly for search engines, then you won’t get the results you want.

Content Is King

Google loves high quality content that gives value to its users. When multiple high ranking, well trusted sites are talking about your business and its services then Google pays attention. If you also couple this with equally high quality content on your site, then you can achieve great results.

Client Testimony: Business Is Booming

“Since we began this campaign we’ve had a steady increase in phone calls, walk-ins and website enquires. We’ve also started getting more clients from the areas that we targeted which were areas that we didn’t have too many from before, so this is a real win for us. I’m really happy with the results and can’t wait to build on them.”

New Quality Leads

You can look at all the data and figures, but the real proof is in the return on investment. Not only did this client get a good ROI, but the quality as well as quantity of leads has improved. This return will increase over time too as this business is a recurring service, so new clients will continue to come back again in the future.

Maximizing Your Online Presence With Proven Strategies

Ask yourself the question – what would it mean for your business if you were to get these kinds of results? Could your business benefit from being found by more of the people who are looking for what you offer right now? If they are not finding your business, then they are finding your competitors. Being top of your local search rankings can take your business to the next level and increase your brand awareness in your local area. For this business it started with a free audit. Book your free audit now.


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