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Hi, I’m John, the owner of Cloudtech Digital. I got started in online business over a decade ago. My first venture was selling stuff on ebay, dropshipping from big retail sites. I quickly moved on from that to better dropshipping models using Shopify and dropship suppliers from around the world. I then sold my first Shopify store and branched into some affiliate marketing, as well as launching some new e-com stores. Along the way I have learned everything that is worth know about digital marketing, be it social media, paid ads, SEO, content marketing, I’ve done it all. 

In 2019 I started a digital agency business called Cork Web Services helping businesses build their websites and with their digital marketing efforts. 

You could say that in internet business terms, “I’ve been around”! Through initially building websites for local businesses, I soon realized that what people really needed help with was marketing their businesses, not just building slick websites.

Through talking with many local clients and finding out the problems that they really needed solved, I was then able to start truly helping them achieve their business goals. Soon I was helping businesses owners and online entrepreneurs to be found online for the products and services they wanted to sell the most of, and so the web design agency evolved into Cloudtech Digital. 

Every day we help our clients be visible online for their most profitable products and services while they just focus on serving their customers, clients and patients. Check out our case studies to see some of the results we helped them achieve.

I look forward to helping you do the same. 

John Hardiman,

Owner, Cloudtech Digital.


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